April 10, 2013

Long awaited and a bit different...

Here's the new dress!
I originally drafted the pattern for the dark grey velvet. But, obviously, with velvet, you have to consider the nap, which meant I didn't have anywhere near enough of it for this design. I did like it though and I thought it would work as well in a fairly drapey knit, so I bought this blue/grey/purple viscose lycra (the choice of colour was rather limited because I needed the fabric to have a particular weight and hand).

It's based on these recent sketches but the very first appearance of the idea of it was way back in 2010. The dress has a skirt with six gores which flares out at about 15 cm above the knee. It's a bit longer at the back. The 'waist' seam sits just below the bust at center front and dips to just above the waist at center back. The wide, kimono-sleeved bodice is gathered on. There's generous blousing at side and back because of the fitted, sleeveless, lycra under-bodice which is attached to the outside only at the waistseam and along the neckline. A slight surplice front gives a deep V neckline. 
I know this is a rather ehm... revealing dress but I think I can pull it off. Provided I think about where and when to wear it, of course. And, as one would expect, my boyfriend loves it on me....

I found it pretty hard to photograph, here are some of the goofy pictures I tried when I thought normal wasn't really working:


  1. Whoa! That is sex-eee! Love the tight waist and the flowing top; the v-neck is virtually redundant, (and possibly overkill, given the clinginess!) I'll BET your BF LIKES it! (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) ;-)

  2. This looks very nice and very flattering. looks like another level of skill too. Job well done.

  3. That's a great design! To me it has a bit of a vintage feel while it still looks modern, it is a little revealing yet elegant, and I love the combination of flowing fabric and fit. It's very distinguished!

  4. I saw this on Burdastyle and I just want to say that I love love love it! I absolutely love the shape of the skirt (and everything else about it, really). :)

  5. Wonderful design for a shapely figure. Looks great on your figure.

  6. Love this design! Very flattering and modern.