April 16, 2013

More from auntie

My sister's baby boy was born last Thursday. Mother and child are doing fine and are being well looked after, both by a nurse (here in the Netherlands, specialized nurses come to care for new mothers and their babies at their own homes for the first week after the birth. I have no idea if this is specifically a Dutch thing or common in other countries as well) and by the proud new father.

As the sewing sibling, I obviously had to make another item for my nephew.

I picked this Knippie April/May jumpsuit. I made size 68 and altered it a bit to make it more suitable for a boy. Maybe it's just me, but I thought the neckline gathers and the elasticated waist would make it a bit girly. This jumpsuit has a feature which I think will be very useful in a garment for a baby: a snap closure along the entire inner leg seam.

I made the jumpsuit in a lightweight grey rib knit, with a bright blue patch on the chest with the baby's name on it (done in the embroidery letters my sewing machine can do. It's not that easy to read, but I hope the mum and dad will like this little personal touch anyway).


  1. Congratulations on your new born nephew! I'm an aunt myself as well and I love it :)

  2. Congratulations! Your country has a great custom...no nurse in the USA. We stay in the hospital a minimum of 2 days and off you go. Most grandmothers or family members come and help out.

  3. Very cute! And it looks very useful too :) I know that in France you can have a midwife coming to see you for a few days if you want to (not compulsory)