February 4, 2014

The smallest yet

Just a couple of weeks ago, friends of ours welcomed their little daughter. We saw the parents-to-be a few days before she was born and they told us their little one was a bit small, but doing well. 
So, when it came to sewing up a gift for the new baby, I traced one of the smallest sizes from Knippie magazine for the first time (my nephew J was fairly large at birth and my sister had requested things for a couple of months later anyway).

This hooded jumper dress was shown in white faux fur with stretch but I thought it might work equally well in this grey cotton mix fleece. If I treated it to some extra cute-ness of course.
Kiddy-cute doesn't come naturally to me, but I really tried (and I know the parents well enough to trust that they won't want to dress their baby daughter exclusively in pastels). In this dress, I've topstitched every seam with a fairly close zigzag stitch in bright pink. And because it has a short button band and a big kangaroo pocket, there are quite a few bits of stitching.
We'll go and see them this weekend and I hope they'll like it.

1 comment:

  1. It's so cute! It will look good with a pink top and tights.