August 29, 2014

Light and summery... and a bit late

In earlier posts this week, I already mentioned a finished garment which hadn't made it to the blog yet...
Well, here it is: A light summer coat.

Sometimes, the weather is nice but just not nice enough to go outside with bare arms. This thin linen coat should serve in those situations (and hopefully better than the slightly worn-out linen blazer I've been using so far). Unfortunately, by the time I had finished it, it was decidedly autumn-y outside. 
But maybe I'll still get a chance to wear it this year, the past three days have been a bit warmer again.

Either way, I used fabric from my stash: A sort of coarsely woven, natural coloured linen. It raveled like crazy but I actually really like the feel and the texture of this stuff. And it's the kind of odd non-colour that looks really good on me. All the seams are finished with this satin bias tape, which was also still in my stash.

The original idea was to make a fairly classic kind of trench coat. Just with raglan sleeves. The body of the coat is a very slight A-line, it has a double-breasted closure and those raglan sleeves. I paid particular attention to drafting the collar. I didn't want the lapel on the underlying side to be almost invisible when the coat is closed. 
It worked out pretty well.

In the end, I really liked way the coat softly skims the figure and decided to go without a belt. There are no pockets (yet) either. With an unlined coat like this, patch pockets are the only option and like the lines of the coat as it is now and I'm not so sure how well the fairly open weave would take the pulling caused by a pocket in use...

For the pictures, we picked a different location: E suggested to take the small camera with us when we went to the climbing hall. That's the strangely shaped grey structure in the background: Monte Cervino near Rotterdam. Apperently, it's shaped like the tip of the Matterhorn and it can be climbed inside and out. I normally wouldn't have worn heels to go there ;) 


  1. Very nice. That color/non-color looks very nice on you indeed. Thanks for explaining the photos. I was wondering where the heck you were. ~Teri

  2. I really like your coat just as it is I.e. Without pockets or belt, it has a great fit. That fabric looks just right too!