May 14, 2015

Summer sewing plans

Some people who sew plan ahead. They start sewing for warmer weather at the same time the first summer clothes appear in stores. Of course, if you were building up a new wardrobe from scratch that would make sense. Otherwise, you would have nothing to wear by the time the weather changes. 
The reality of many of our lives is different: We have clothes to wear, we would just like to add different ones. We may need new things in some categories but usually not a whole wardrobe. 
As a result, I usually react slower. When the calendar says it's spring, I start thinking about what I could make for the coming season but I rarely take action until it actually gets warmer.

In this past week, it is turning summer-y outside. At the moment I'm working on a dress for which I started to draft the pattern before making the grey party dress. It looks promising so far but not particularly summery. 

As for wardrobe needs, I could do with another pair of wide-legged trousers in a fairly thin fabric and maybe a couple of simple tops.
And a simple dress in a jersey fabric. You know, the sort of thing that's nice to take with you when going on holiday. 

I have fabric for those things. The brightly coloured striped fabric on the right is a nice quality cotton jersey with lycra. It should be nice as a simple fitted dress. The other one is linen or something and doesn't have the same stretch and recovery. It's nice but better suited for looser shapes.

And then to the stuff I would like to make...

Of course, I still want to make this dress from orange and white striped cotton. I've wanted that one for at least a year now.

And something sort of like 1930's beach pyjama's in this sky-blue viscose.

It's always difficult to photograph plain fabrics well but I think I managed to get something close to the real colours here (maybe the picture is a bit too light). The orange is crepe. I think it would work well for a 1920's dress. If there's enough of it.

The dress which comes to mind is the one on the left in this picture. A light and airy design which seems perfect for warmer weather. And how cute is that capelet? I would just have to think about the contrast fabric...

And of course I still want to try out a draped and gathered 1940's design. This one from EvaDress is an option. Or one of two Vogue repro patterns I have. Or a real vintage one. 

Plenty of ideas which, as usual, may be subject to any number of changes of mind. I am looking forward to make at least some of these though.
Have you started sewing for summer yet? And what do you want to make?


  1. I love the orange stripe dress idea, so fresh. And those 30s PJs will be divine. This year I am sewing more separates I hope. I have started work on a play suit and cover-up dress.The play suit is still in planning stage, the cover up is a dress is almost done. It's all for a holiday so I have extra incentive to finish it!

  2. Stuff I want to make or that I need to make?

    I need to make some shorts. I have enough summer tops, but I'd like a few more for variety.

    If I have time, I'd like to make some tops and a skirt for a good friend who makes me dinner quite often.

  3. I've made a couple of dresses, one loose in a soft linen - perfect to and from the beach and another vintage style sundress. The are now hanging in my wardrobe ready to take away on holiday and for when the tempreture really warms up here at home.

  4. I actually need more summer dresses (truth!) and really should get going. But summer clothes aren't as fun as winter and fall...

  5. I like your sewing plans. Of course, you should make exactly just what you want to make, it's far more fun. I really love the hats you've been making particularly that cute little pillbox hat, with the decorative bow on the back. It's adorable! You are clever :)