June 24, 2015

I really don't know...

I decided to make another top for my grandmother. I've already made her two but in those cases, she showed me the design she wanted and picked the fabric.  The first one turned out great and she wears it a lot. For the second one, she bought fabric without me. A really soft viscose jersey which was a bad match for the jacket-like design she wanted. I did my best but I'm really not proud of the result. And I don't think it gets much wear.
This time, I wanted to surprise her. My grandmother is in her eighties and has all the fit issues you'd expect from a lady of such advanced age: hollow chest, sloping shoulders, rounded back. I made fit alterations on a basic t-shirt pattern when I made the first top but it's still a good idea to think about styles which might flatter. She also prefers tops which she doesn't have to pull over her head. 

I thought some kind of wrap top would be nice. One with gathers or with a collar. I went so far as to draft the pattern for the one with the asymmetric collar.

However, fabric choice was an issue too... For some reason, a lot of the jersey fabric in my stash is grey-ish or black. Neither of those are likely to look good on her. I wanted to buy new fabric especially for this project, but I couldn't find anything suitable. Just a lot of synthetic stuff and really flimsy jersey...

The one fabric in my stash which might work was this bright blue stuff. Fairly heavy cotton jersey with a very soft, sweatshirt-like brushed back. The only problem? I had just one meter of it. Nowhere near enough for that wrap design. 

So, I made a new design. A zip front cardigan with small pleats along the center front. I had just enough fabric for that. But the only separating zipper I could find in a matching colour was this chunky plastic one... For myself, I might have gone with a metal zipper with a zipper tape in a contrasting colour, maybe red. In this case, I thought it might be better to go for the matching one. 

As it is now, the top only needs hemming and some little bits of finishing, like tacking down the facing at the shoulder seams. I can easily have it finished before I see may grandmother tomorrow evening. I just really can't predict whether she'll like it... 

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