June 22, 2015

New undies

I've made a new lingerie set. In lace with a lovely rich aubergine colour which happened to be very hard to photograph accurately. 

That's part of the reason for this picture on my sewing table. 

It's a strapless bra from my own pattern. I've made it three times before, once strapless, twice as a balconette. Each time, I've made slight tweaks to the pattern. As a result, I think this is the nicest version yet. 
I was going to make this one with straps but I think the amount of lace, lycra and elastic I have should be enough for two bras and three pairs of panties (hopefully four, that would be ideal). However, I only have shoulder strap elastic for one bra. This design can easily be made strapless but the racerback version, which I want to make as the second one, can't. So, this lace bra became a strapless one.

The outside of the bra is fully made from the lace. 

On the inside, there is the foam material (matching the lace in colour) from which I've made the cups and non-stretch skin coloured net. That stuff stands out in these pictures but it doesn't really when I wear the bra. For me, this material has a pretty spot-on skin colour. Like I usually do, I've added bits of boning at the sides and in the lower cups. Both are normal features in strapless bras for larger cup sizes but I like to use that bone in the cup to give it slightly point-y 1950's style shape. 
I sewed the elastic at the bottom behind the lace, to keep the scalloped edge. 

The panties are a new-to-me design. The shape is based on the lace-back thong I've made several times. This one has lace at front and back, sewn unto a lycra crotch piece. I think it looks nice but the rise is fairly low. I may experiment with that next time.
This set looks like it's pretty much all lace, which is nice. For the next pieces, I'll have to mix up those proportions a bit. After I've bought more thread... 


  1. So beautiful! I really need to just dive in and try some lingerie-making myself... I think I'm scared of all the scrumptious little details. ;)