December 18, 2015

Action pictures!

As promised, I have some action pictures of my new climbing top.

If you noticed these look different from earlier bouldering pictures, you would be right. Different venue and a different photographer. This time, my friend A was kind enough to take some pictures and we were not climbing at Klimmuur Den Haag but at bouldering hall Delfts Bleau.

In this one, you can really see that arrow on the back. 
Obviously, it would work even better if I made that in a bright colour. The silvery under-layer of the fabric in the arrow is reflective but is would really need something like flashlight to stand out. And it was just too light for that yesterday.

And I like this one because it gives some sense of the odd twists and turns you often get into when climbing. And all of them show quite a bit more upper body muscle than I thought I had...

Oh, and wearing this top yesterday also gave me the chance to try out. I'm quite happy with it. The shelf bra is comfortable, the straps are the right length and that V-front stays in place really well. 

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