December 10, 2015

Beyer's mode 1942

This time, I wanted to share pictures from Beyer's mode, from the first autumn issue from 1942 to be precise (Beyer's mode was a German magazine. I have about 12 issues in my collection, ranging in date from 1937 to 1957. They came in a big box of other patterns which I bought through a local Ebay offshoot. The magazines originally came from a Dutch professional seamstress. I'm sure I posted about these magazines before and discussed the issue of a Dutch lady buying a German sewing magazine during the occupation but I can't find the post. I will repeat one little fact about Beyer though: These magazines are completely a-political. There are no symbols, no flags, no uniform patterns) 

I'm not a huge fan of the pre-New Look 1940's fashion. I know there are lots of vintage style seamstresses who love this era and make great dresses from patterns like these but to me the designs always seem a bit bulky and oddly proportioned.
Of course, that may just show how much I'm used to both 1950's and modern fashion. In my experience, you always have to "attune your eyes" to a seriously different silhouette.

This coat looks great and I think it would not seem out of place in a 1970's magazine. 

One of the great things about Beyer's mode is the generous use of photography to illustrate the designs. This provides so much more information about what those clothes would really look like than the usual fanciful drawings.

On these pages, you get them side by side.

Sometimes, the real garment looks pretty much like what you would expect,

sometimes, it has a lot more bulk.

And of course, there are also great drawings. I like the fitted coats, the dresses not so much.


  1. Hello, Have you ever watched the show el tiempor entre costuras (in english: The Time In Between)? It takes place in the early '40s and is about a Spanish seamstress/designer's role in the war. The costumes are beautiful and inspirational (especially for someone who is not scared to draft their own patterns).

    1. YES! I watched it on Netflix & LOVED it... It was so much fun!