December 13, 2009

links etcetera

I have just started on the creation of a list of links here. I have added the links mentioned in the comments, so under "fellow selfmade fashionista's" you will find fellow seamstresses, sewing forums and ladies who record their personal style and their sewing efforts. This is by no means a complete list yet, so if you know something I really show include, feel free to let me know.
Under "tutorials and (free) patterns" I have mentioned only those sites that also have free and/or unusual stuff on offer. After all, we all know how to find the nearest pattern seller. I'm sure I forgot a great source of historical sewing patterns, but I didn't bookmark the site, so I can't find it right now.

added comment: I have just found the site I was looking for, fortunately the URL was on a pattern I downloaded from there. I've added it to the list.


  1. If you're interested in historical sewing, I really reccomend Katherine's costume site Koshka-the-Cat. She has some patterns of things she's made (for herself, so they're in her size), many many photos of things she's made, often with so many construction details that more experienced sewers might be able to reproduce them, some tutorials, some antique clothing documented...

  2. Thank you! I had seen this site before but sadly, that was in my non-bookmarking days. It's both impressive and inspiring and I'll add it to the list of links. I love everything about historical sewing, although I don't have much to show for that (yet)

  3. Hi! Thanks for including me on your links page, I'm thrilled and flattered to be alongside the likes of these talented ladies, including yourself... Looking forward to seeing your next design...

  4. I love historical sewing, too, even though I have even less to show. And she definitely has a big part in that to account for. :-)