December 7, 2009

weekly outfit nr.10

Ok, I know I'm cheating a bit here. I should have posted this last week, but I was busy with other things and the weather was so hidiously gray and dark that there just wasn't enough light in the house to take any photographs.
If I swear I wore this last week (on friday, to be precise), had it on a chair in my bedroom for a few days, and put it on to take this picture before putting it in the laundry, would that make any difference? ;)

In this picture, I'm wearing the new dark grey trousers I wrote about before, a cooked wool cardigan I made about a year ago (I posted about it on Burdastyle back then) and a very simple black top from H&M which I have owned for at least 2,5 years (this is one of a very few RTW staple items which I still wear a lot).


  1. Love your cardigan! I would be very interested to see closer shots that show more details of the garments, should you have any interest in sharing such.
    It definitely still counts as weekly if you still add another later this week ;)

  2. i like it, you're very lady-like (isn't it interesting how the shape of the trousers change the look? I'm comparing to your next post, I like both, as different as they are).

  3. Ha, ziet er mooi uit! Ook leuk om op Craftzine een mooie foto uit Leiden voorbij te zien komen ;-)

  4. i think thats the best outfit i ve seen ,on you!