February 26, 2010

Weekly outfit nr.19

Back to regular posting. This is my outfit picture for this week. It seems that ever since making the green skirt and orange top, I keep thinking colour. I have been sewing a colourful dress (more about that tomorrow) and looking at colourful fabrics.

Here, I'm wearing the brightest not-summer skirt I had before the green one. It's bright red wide wale corduroy and I made it about two years ago from a pattern I made myself. With it, I'm wearing a cardigan, which is one of only two succesfull attemps at knitting I've ever made. I kind of made it last year, but at a gauge of 3,5 mm, it took me forever and it lived for quite some time as a UFO with the body pieces and one sleeve done. I am happy with the result though, and have been wearing it quite a bit on warmer days this winter. The t-shirt I wear underneath was recycled from an old plain t-shirt of my boyfriend's and painted with white fabric paint (two years ago)


  1. I am happy that you are getting into color... the skirt is bold and stands out, which is fantastic. All I know is when you do colors you are not afraid to go there and that is great.

  2. Fantastic outfit, and a bold eyecatching colour scheme. In a good way. You're even starting to convert me to the whole black/red colour combo which I've always shyed away from....
    I would love to see more close-ups of the details of your creations...
    Its nice for you to be utilising more colourful options in your wardrobe, must be the influence of spring just around the corner (for you, not me!)