February 5, 2010

Quick update

It's been a very busy week here. I picked up E after a week-long trip for his work on Saturday, attended (and took pictures at) a party for my grandmother on Sunday (oh no, I still have to look at those pictures and send a selection to my family...). Went back to work with M on Monday and every day until today, visited the open day (evening) of the local fashion craft school, wrote no less than three job applications (working with M is great, but a volunteer thing), did loads of laundry and reorginised my grocery-shopping routine to compensate for a busy weekend to come.

Now, I have a moment for a quick post. Because of the things I described above, I didn't get any sewing done. Still got tons of ideas though. Including sewing from stash in bright colours. And two fellow seamstresses/bloggers devoted some rather flattering attention to yours truly (watch this spot for more about that, it wouldn't be fair to spoil the surprise).

I was going to take a 'weekly outfit'-picture but the weather is drab and rainy, so I think I'll wait to see whether the afternoon will bring some better light.
First, however, I will eat my lunch and go fabric shopping.
I promised a friend to make her a dress (promissed way back in November) and I still haven't managed to find the right fabric. Even though her second choice of fabric would be as simple as black stretch twill... Ah, those fabric stores of today!! So, I'll be of to try another one.

I will still be very busy this weekend, but I am really planning to finally do that how-to I promised.
There is one thing I promised which I did do this week. Because I still haven't heard from Cashew, I have picked a new winner to the New Year's Giveaway. Congratulations go to: sophie
If you are reading this, sophie, please email me at aichahockxAThotmailDOTcom to discuss things like size and the pattern of your choice.


  1. Love your weekly outfit posts. You've made some great things. You look so modelescue.

    I just did my first "What I'm Wearing" post. I'd love for you to take a look and let me know what you think and if you think I should do more of these kind of posts. Thanks.

  2. Found you through the Selifish Seamstress. You are very talented. I'm adding you to my blog stalking immediately. lol