January 29, 2010

Weekly outfit nr.17

Black trousers, an old favorite which I made about two years ago, a store-bought black turtle neck and the cardigan-thing which I made a while ago from one of my boyfriend's old sweaters worn with a thin belt.

By the way, I did read some comments on the colour (or lack thereof) of many of my outfit. I think I should try to give a bit of explanation on that point.
First of, I'm just one of those people who believe that everything looks good with black. My old 'uniform' (before I made all my clothes) used to consist of a skirt in a colour and a black top (or jeans and a black top, but that was just too boring).
I also used to love 'standard' romantic goth clothes. My first succesfull sewing creation was a read satin skirt with a black lace overskirt (which I wore with black tops, of course). Although my style has changed quite a bit, some of the esthetic is definately still with me.
And I went to art school. Studying photography. Art folks and photographers are still a little more prone to wearing black than the 'average person' (who doesn't exist, I know).
Also, it's still winter here. I wear black all year round, but I tend to pair it with much brighter colours when the sun is out more.
The last, but not least, reason is deeply practical one: I can't really afford to spend a lot of money on fabrics at the moment. I'm lucky to have my sources for very affordable jeans, plain cotton, wool and jersey, but the supply of colours is limited (often to black, grey or dark blue, and some ugly, very bright colours). It is very hard to find nice lighter weight fabrics (for tops) as well as anything to matching or complementing a coloured fabric or a good print. It is not just a money-thing either. If I go to the fabric store, I don't like most of their prints and very little of their colours. And, to make it harder, I prefer to sew with natural fibres.

Basically, I do have a lot of black in my winter wardrobe. For a large part, I like it that way. However, I'm definately on the lookout for some great colours to add to it, but finding them might prove to be quite a challenge.


  1. I like the fact that you're thoughtful about adding items to your wardrobe; you don't go out and buy a piece of clothing you like in every colour of the rainbow because you're making or refashioning your own clothes. I think you look great, you're wearing pieces that you love, and your dark clothes certainly fit the gloomy winter season.
    It really is hard to find good-quality fabric in the right colour/pattern/fibre and at an affordable price...even harder if you're mostly checking out thrift stores like me. But oh, the thrill of the chase makes up for any inconvenience! ;)
    I'll look forward to seeing your (slightly more colourful) outfits when spring and summer come to the Netherlands.

  2. Black suits you very well and is a lovely foil to your hair colour, lucky you! I'm envious of people who look good in black as I certainly agree with you that it is the easiest colour to find and match in all the ranges of fabrics, and an interesting pattern detail or an unusual texture in a fabric will really be showcased in an all-black ensemble.
    I do love the all-black look myself and I just wish I suited it, but when I wear it people ask me if I'm feeling alright as I apparently look pale and ill!!!
    I love your jumper re-fashion, and am planning one with one of my husband's old jumpers myself, a bit different from yours.

  3. I've been thinking more about this post, and I've reaslised I do the same thing, except with me its white clothes. I have so many white garments its not funny, but partly the reason for that is that white is such a readily available colour, and easy to match, just like you said in your post!
    I'd like to let you know I'm awarding you with Kreativ Blogger award. If you would like to accept, then please come and check my post here,