January 25, 2010

All in a day's work

Most of the time, I consider myself to be a fairly skilled hobby seamstress/pattern maker, hopefully eyeing up carreer options and supplementary education possibilities in fashion. However, I also spend quite a bit of my time helping designer friend M (who taught me how to draft my own patterns by the way, that's how I got to know her: I took her pattern making and sewing technique course) on her new collection.

Today, however, we went to the 'modefabriek' ('fashion factory'), Holland's largest fashion trade show. This is the place where buyers for retail stores go to see the new collections available to them for the new season (winter 10/11, in this case). And it's the place where all kinds of fashion professionals go to see what everyone else did. We didn't have a lot of time, so we did kind of a quick run-through, concentrating mostly on colours, shapes and textures in women's wear (modefabriek offers women's wear, men's wear, jeans and accesoiries).
Despite the lack of time, it was pretty interesting. There were some small areas dedicated to small brands and up-and-coming designers, which I really enjoyed. With the larger 'main stream' brands, there was some good stuff: a nice shape here, a good texture or great detail there. However, there was also a lot which just really showed that trade fairs are about what you will find in every high street next year, so: not the greatest quality and a lot of stuff which looks like other stuff you've seen before.

I really wanted to write you a nice, comprehensive report, but it isn't really coming together. If I end up making something in the near future inspired by today's experience, I'll make sure to mention it.

On a completely unrelated matter: I still haven't heard from New Year's Giveaway winner Cashew. So Cashew, if you're reading this, please contact me at aicha_hockxAThotmailDOTcom. If I haven't had a reaction by Februari 1, I'll put the other names back in the hat and draw another winner.

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  1. Hooray! I have just stumbled across your blog and I am very glad I found you!

    I'm from Australia, I'm an applied fashion design student (diploma) and I work with a local designer over here.

    I don't know why I haven't looked (maybe because I've never found) such a blog as this.
    I'm into a lot of crafty, designy blogs and once I'm hooked I then become a daily reader.

    I'm so happy! I've only read the first page of your blog but I love it! Easy to read, interesting and pretty much exactly what I look for in all my other blog friends.

    Anyway just thought I'd drop a comment - encourage you to keep at it. I'm trying to blog everything I do, but I'm a young mum, studying and just trying to find my feet in the working world at the moment.

    Look forward to catching up on your blog with a cup of tea a some biscuts with a very happy face on.