January 22, 2010

Weekly outfit nr.16

I know I've skipped a week, but it's too late now to correct that. So, without further ado, I would like to present to you this week's weekly outfit:

Here, I'm wearing my flared jeans (made last year, and already shown in an earlier 'weekly outfit'), the anatomical heart T-shirt I made the week before last and my black boucle 'cape-bodied' jacket. I made that last winter. It has normal, jacket-style, two-part sleeves, but a fairly short and widely flared body with round lower lapels and a stander at the back of the neck.


  1. Beautiful tailoring on your garments of the previous post, you are so clever. Your anatomical heart T-shirt provides a nice variation in the otherwise all black look of your outfit, it all looks really cool!

  2. I love the welt pocket on the skirt! You are inspring me to practice my pocket welts...

    OK, now maybe because you're in chilly Europe and I'm in sunny (usually) California, but I would love to see you work with a color. Just planting the seed, spring's around the corner :)

  3. I really like that jacket... and those jeans, pefect fit and beautiful colours (well, blue, I guess black is not a colour).
    It looks like you actually have daylight in Holland, congratulations! I saw the first sunshine for two weeks today... ah how it brings the life-spirits out!