January 9, 2010

Weekly outfit nr.15

It's still cold outside, so trousers just tend to be more practical for now. These are the flared ones which I made recently, worn with a black poloneck and a blouse/jacket which I made last summer. It is fairly short, has a collar with rounded lapels and puffy sleeves (it is also, embarrassingly, the one item in my wardrobe which closes the wrong way, left over right instead of right over left. I didn't notice my mistake untill after I had slashed the buttonholes). I never quite liked the look of it in summer, but as soon as the temperature had dropped, it seemed to come into my comfort zone.


  1. Lovely trousers. I'm not game enough yet to try to make trousers. They seem so hard! hehe you'd be so appalled if you looked at my clothes, I don't bother about things closing the right way, I just do whatever!

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  3. Those trousers look beautifully tailored, and I'm loving the black on black look for winter, looks very striking with your blond hair!
    Following up on our discussion on dying garments with coffee; I found an online tutorial on dying a shirt and it recommended 900g of coffee grounds. On my shirt I used 25g!!!!!! Hilarious! Probably that is why my shirt was so pale! I'm going to try it again in the future, and increase the quantity of raw materials somewhat...!