May 18, 2010

The tale of nine little dresses...

Which, for the time being, exist only in my head and on this sheet of paper. Which I've scanned for your benefit.

These are the spring/summer dresses I would love to make. All of them, right now. The is even a tenth dress, but it didn't fit on the scan and it's a bit of an oddball anyway, I'm not so sure it would work. So for now, nine it is. I even have 'possible' fabrics in my stash for most of them. Although, of course, it's the one for which I certainly don't have any fabric which I want most...
I already know I probably won't even make half of these dresses this summer. After all, I can't be sewing all the time and there are other garment which need/want to be made as well. And that's not even including assignments... However after the succes of the twist-dress, I thought it might be a good plan to share some more of my resolutions for sewing. Especially because I've been thinking about these little lovelies rather a lot lately...

If look you at these sketches (and I'm not at all good at drawing, I know. I used a wire croqui and even with that help, this is the best I can do), you can sort of see I my design/technical mind works. There's a twist-dress variation in there, and a dress with bra-style cups (guess who just adjusted her bra-pattern for better fit?) and although strapless dresses are used by some to avoid setting sleeves, they are kind of new, and therefore a bit of a challenge to me.
I bet I'm not the only one dreaming of way more clothes than I could ever make or even need...


  1. Nope, you're totally not alone. Love the dresses!

  2. Very cute ideas! Even if you only make half, that's pretty darn impressive.

    After you make a quick sketch, you can always make a technical flat on Illustrator. That will help you think about style lines and construction details. Plus you can spend hours playing with the drawings :)

  3. I love them all!! But especially the top left and middle bottom! You are much better at this than you give yourself credit for. You should see my deign drawings....

  4. Nice! normally I start sewing when I have too many ideas in my head... as soon as I see how long it takes me to finish one project, my mind cools down a bit...

  5. No, you're not alone, I too have way too many designs in my head than I have time for...!
    I like your designs, very interesting range of very different ideas. I especially like design no 8 (middle of bottom row).
    I can't wait to see which you make first!