May 31, 2010

One weekend, two dresses

Although I finished my lovely leather dress last week, I have mostly been sewing for other people lately. Which meant dealing with a lot of issues I'm not used to (like people loosing weight rather quickly...).
This weekend, I really wanted to make something nice, easy and wearable for myself. And here they are: dresses nr. 3 and 6 from my line-up.

Who said I never wear colour? This is a rather bright (picture doesn't do it justice) turquoise viscose/rayon which I bought at the crazy price of 0,50 euro a meter. I liked it hanging free at the back but not at the front, and had made it without side seams, so I sewed a belt and made buttonholes at the side. The partly belted dress is certainly a different look, but I'm not entirely sure about its wearability. I can always wear it belted though.

This dress was made from fairly thick olive-y and thin black knit from my stash. Not very summery in colour, I know, but stash busting was also one of my resolutions... The batwing/kimono sleeves are set in with square points at front and meet in a point at center back (I hope you can see that in the picture). This was one of those crazy pattern ideas which I couldn't get out of my mind. I've known how I wanted the front for months, but couldn't get my head around a good idea for the back until last week. After that, I had to make it, although I thought it would be a hit-or-miss kind of thing. As it turned out, I love it. No doubts here.

Two down, seven to go. And several others waiting in the wings... I think there's a whole flock of retro dresses coming up for this summer, but we'll see.


  1. I love the way the back looks on the turquoise dress.

  2. Wow! Two dresses in one weekend! Very impressive. I'm a hopelessly slow sewer. I would never be able to make two dresses in a weekend. And that semi-belted might be starting a new trend!

  3. I actually really like the trapeze-style back of the turquoise dress. And, the batwing dress is awesome! I really love the seaming and the colors.

  4. You've been busy! Both dresses are terrific.

  5. Wow! Both are great and I can sort of see the detail of the olive/black back and that's such a fab idea!

    I love that turq fabric and the floaty back is awesome, so I hope you wear it like that.

    Do you upload your photos on flickr, I'm wanting to see a closeup of the back of the olive dress.

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