June 5, 2010

Big skirts for summer!!

It really feels like summer now and for that reason, I've unearthed some of my favorites of last summer.

When I made this skirt, it was partly to get rid of that big piece of bright red cotton taking up space in my stash. It's a full circle, with a deep pleat at front and back added to that. It has a double waistband, one straight and one curved and I've only just realised I can accesoirize it with a belt. The top is a recent refashion.

I know seamstresses are supposed to be planning ahead, taking into account how much time it can cost to actually make something, but ehhh... What can I say? Somehow, the new season always hits me by surprise. I guess the long 'in between' periods we tend to get here in the Netherlands could, in part, be blamed for that. Right now, I'm itching to get started on dress nr. 2 from my line-up, in teal cotton. With a huge skirt. As I mentioned before, I feel like making loads of big skirted retro dresses this summer (and I know it's not per se the 'in' thing right now, but go look if I care...)


  1. Full skirts seem to be everywhere for summer (and fall - there were great ones in this month's W!). I'm working on a full navy skirt myself right now.

    Is the red skirt a self-drafted pattern?

  2. A stunning outfit.

  3. This is beautiful. Actually retro fashion, especially in the bigskirted 50's style seems HUGE in the US, going by the sewing blogs I visit, so you're right on trend!

  4. Your skirt looks especially awesome with the belt!

  5. I love this look. But what is a double waistband?
    Also, I think that those who sew are starting to set the trends-- or at least sense them and make them faster than the fashion corporations can. So I wouldn't be surprised if big skirts will soon be the look.

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  7. Wow!
    Great outfit. I love the belt with the skirt! And the shoes are fab.
    :)Deb M.

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  9. I have been so inspired by this blog that I just recently found, and when seeing this beautiful red skirt I was reminded that I have a very pretty red, floor length dress which I have worn exactly twice in about 10 years. I want to remake the dress into a skirt (and maybe also a top/vest), which I would be able to wear much more often than the dress was ever worn.

    My dilemma: the dress is made of 100% rayon (is not lined) and specifies dry cleaning only. I want to add a lining to the skirt.

    But what type of material would be most suitable for the lining, given that the dress fabric is rayon and requires dry cleaning?

    I typically never buy clothes that require dry cleaning, but this dress was special as it was originally bought for a wedding. I read somewhere that some rayon fabrics can be washed - although I have not dared to try in case it will ruin/shrink.