June 22, 2010

In the mean time...

Between figuring out what to make of the infamous pinstripe fabric, making my way through the nine little dresses, finishing off my assignments and getting back on the 'sewing shirts and summer trousers for E'-track, there are some small projects which just have to be dealt with first. This is one of those. The fabric left over from V's dress just called out to me. I wanted to make a pencil skirt in 6 gores, but didn't have enough fabric (extra seam allowances, you know...). After some consideration, I came up with this, which neatly used up all the fabric. (I hope the pictures look Ok, it's very hard to judge with the low sunlight coming into my room)

It's a simple (self-drafted) pencil skirt with scoop pockets (the tops of which are sewn down on the inside to stop them from gaping), a high waistband and a double box pleat at the back. I can't believe I had never made one of those before: it's quite easy and flattering and gives more room for walking (and even riding a bicycle) than a slit, without the risk of indecent exposure. That's a feature I'll definately use again.
Oh, by the way, the shirt I'm wearing in this picture is a thrift shop find from last year.
Because the details didn't show in yesterdays pictures, I've added these close-ups.


  1. I couldn't really see the box pleat detail from your picture (it's a bit dark) but the skirt looks really nice.

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  3. Did you consider combining the pinstripe with another fabric? I was playing around with ideas in my head and had to think about a strapless jumpsuit made up in the pinstripe, with a bustle piece in a black and white flower print.
    Or a shift dress with flounces made up in a black sheer. Or a bustle dress with the bustle piece made from lace (underlined of course)

    I am curious to see what you`re going to make from that frabric!

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