August 28, 2012

Home again!

That holiday in Bavaria I was talking about in my latest post? I was on it when I  wrote that. E and I returned home on Friday evening. We're both back to work since Monday and settling back into our everyday routine. 

We've been away for two week and spent most of that time in the south on Bavaria, in or close to the first mountain ranges of the Alps. The weather was great (except for one day) and we've really enjoyed ourselves. We did some hiking and visited some castles. 

In the mountains, those were the romantic fantasies of 19th Bavarian kings, with Neuschwanstein as the prime example. 

A lot further norths, there were real medieaval castles and towns, like the castle of Harburg.

These are all pictures E took with the digital camera. I used a really old little analog one, for a bit of fun. But, obviously, I still have to get the pictures developed. I tried to record of few things of textile interest so if those pictures are any good, I'll show them later.
Back home, I have to try and re-capture my sewing and blogging mojo. So far, it's another case of lots or ideas and no action, but I'm confident that all will be well soon enough. 

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  1. Bavaria is one of my favorite places in the world. So much so in fact, DH and I are planning to retire there since he has his citizenship.

    Next time you go, make sure you hop on over to Austria and visit Hallstatt!