June 13, 2013

And stripes!

Ready for the next instalment of "tops which are neither black, nor plain t-shirts"?
Ready or not, please allow me to present my new striped top. Yes, I know it has black in it but if it's mixed with at least as much of a clearly lighter colour, that doesn't count, does it? 
I like stripes. One of my much-worn twist tops has white and dark blue stripes and I've worn it loads (it was my first intentionally made twist top. The one before it was made as a muslin for my twist dress). And two weeks ago, it was in the laundry with other coloured clothes... Including my bright pink skirt which I had washed separately (both as fabric and as garment) three times before. Now, I thought it was safe, but I was wrong. The garments with clear colours were fine, but the cream coloured shirt was light pink and my trusty twist top was sort of OK apart from light pink spots under the arms (no idea why. I always knew that knit wasn't 100% cotton or viscose so that must be why it didn't take the dye that well, but I don't know anything about the fibre altering qualities of human sweat...). 
Ever since that unfortunate load of laundry, I've been on the lookout for new striped fabric. I found this stuff on sale for 1 euro a meter and bought 4 meters straight away. It is some sort of mystery fibre but it doesn't cling. It is, unfortunately, also a bit sheer so I lined/underlined this top with thin white cotton jersey. 

For this top, I used Pattern Magic 2's "different facings, different looks" design. Essentially, it's like a cowl neck (which I first wanted to make) but sewn to a fitted facing. I used the assymetrical option. 

And my facing isn't really a facing but part of the lining/underlining. 

Neckline and armscyes were finished blind, using the white cotton as a lining or all-in-one facing. I flatlocked the hem.

And I could convince E (who likes o make me laugh) to take a couple of pictures which gave him the opportunity to try out our new camera. One of those little digital ones, which can do this:

I like this top and expect to wear it a lot. And I have plenty of striped fabric left to play around with...


  1. Adorable top. I have been eyeing some stripes lately. Maybe I should take the leap. ~Teri

  2. That is a significantly cute top. I think I need more stripes in my life.

    The dye sticking more to the underarms is possibly to do with the aluminium in deodorants rather than sweat, though the salt may have an effect too, its often used as a fixer when dying cloth.

  3. Love that top. I am yet to tackle Pattern magic books. BTW, I really like your house.

  4. I love how it drapes. I need to spend some time drafting from pattern magic 2. Thanks for the inspiration.