June 9, 2013

Summer twist

In my ongoing mission to make tops which are neither plain t-shirts nor black, I've added yet another top with a twist to my wardrobe. A garment which was meant to be flattering, comfortable and practical for work. And I think I've achieved that. (sorry, no smiling pictures this time. In those, my eyes were closed ;)
I just used the pattern I've made back in November 2011 for my moss green twist top. A pattern which I had already re-used last year, to make the pale grey dress to wear to a friend's wedding.

What can say? I just like the look of the twist combined with the dropped shoulder... 
Like the dress, this new top has a short sleeve but I also made a new ehh... twist on the design. 

Instead of just finishing the edges, I added a band along the neckline. This gives a more modest amount of cleavage and it's an easy finish.
The top is a bit more close-fitting than the previous garments because those were made from rather soft and stretchy viscose jerseys while this one is in a thin but less stretchy brown cotton jersey. 

For the hems, I think I've now figured out a which tension setting my serger creates the best flatlock stitches. I really like this. It's quick, sturdy yet stretchy and I don't think it looks bad either.


  1. This is nice. I particularly like the finish that the v-binding adds. I'm a newish reader and I'm also trying to work on tops that are not black or plain t-shirts, at least not at the same time! Good inspiration, thank you!

  2. I really like this version, especially the neck band. Thanks for reminding people that a serger makes a functional hem and that many people don't need a cover stitch just to hem knits.

  3. I love this top! It looks great on you. This is a good idea for finishing edges! I have to try it on my serge.

  4. Nice top and looks good on you. May I know the serger settings to achieve flat lock stitches ? Thanks

  5. Really nice top. The twist looks great

  6. Love the look of your gorgeous top.