June 27, 2013

Strung out

After finishing E's trousers, I started on another un-selfish project:

My eighty-something grandmother had several skirts which got too big for her. So, I offered to alter them. Like many seamstresses, I hate doing alterations. But it is different if it's for my grandmother. Who wouldn't even ask this of me.
I've had those skirts at home for a while and started to feel kind of guilty about that.
I finished one of the summer skirts. The one in the picture is the second one. I stopped there because I didn't have sufficiently matching thread for topstitching. 
And then, I ran out of steam. Work is still pretty hectic so by the time I get home, I'm just tired. I haven't sewn at all this week...
I'm not worried, I know I'll be back in the sewing room soon, just not right now.

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  1. If anyone asks me to do alterations, I always do them. I feel guilty saying no.