October 4, 2013

Back with so many plans...

Hi everyone. I didn't mean to be absent for this long but it just sort of happened. Since I came back from holiday, things have been very busy at work  and I haven't been sewing for myself at all.
This week, things went quiet but I needed some time to catch up on things like eh... cleaning the house and ironing. Which didn't stop me from dreaming about autumn sewing, of course. Obviously, I will try to concentrate on using fabrics from the stash and as usual, I have so many ideas. 

A lot of the more interesting ones may not be appropriate to wear to work (just because they are too eye-catching not because they might be indecent or anything like that. When fitting a wedding dress, the bride has to be the star of the show, so I always try to dress kind of eh... normal for work) but I don't really mind.
Oh, and yes, that's how I sketch. In pencil on separate sheets of A4 paper. I don't sketch everything I plan and often only do so to record the idea. Just occasionally, I use sketching the way you're supposed to when designing: to compare options and develop my ideas.

I did finish a new top today. Another, different, twist design which I'm pretty happy with. I'll show it to you this weekend, because E's picture are usually much nicer than my tripod-and-self-timer versions.

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