October 5, 2013

His robe

Oh, I forgot. I did sew something in the past three weeks. A robe for E.
And don't worry, I don't expect this fairly thin cotton to keep him warm throughout the winter. He's got a perfectly fine robe made from thick toweling for that. This one is  meant for winter and those warm days in spring and autumn. Like the ones we're have now.

I made this robe, as mentioned before, from a shirt weight cotton plaid fabric which turned out to have some stretch to it
It's an A-line robe with fitted shoulders and sleeves with a normal, shaped sleeve head. It's got a shawl collar and pockets and it closes with a tie.

Normally, I would put the loops for a belt at the waistline. However, I know they felt too high on the very simple robe I had made for him before. So, I finished the robe, let E try it on and tell me where he wanted the belt. I marked the spot and sewed on loops at that height. Both at the side seams and at center back.

Oh, and here's a detail shot of that pocket. I managed to make the plaid sort of line up in the end. By the way, are you familiar with this type of pocket? It's essentially a patch pocket which is sewn into the side seams but it's sewn on from the inside. If you'd like, I can make a tutorial next time I make one of these.


  1. I would love a patch pocket tutorial, sewn from the inside! Very lovely (but still masculine) robe!

  2. That looks really great! I like that you customised the position of the belt just to suit his preferences. I have seen that pocket before; Threads magazine ran a tutorial on it a few years ago and I think they put it on their site too. It is a really nice technique.

  3. Would love a pocket tutorial please. And the robe looks great on E.