July 6, 2010

Guess what I bought?

My earlier posts, here, here and here, must, by now, have convinced all of you of my hatred for the pinstripe. So, let me please show you my most recent fabric purchase...
Pinstripe. Black and white, two different widths, in linen.
What possessed me to buy this stuff, you were wondering? Especially since I still haven't started to make anything from that other pinstripe fabric?
Well, just for starters, this stuff was only 1 euro/meter. The width of the fabric is normal, so that makes it cheaper than anything I would normally buy to make muslins.
Secondly, did I whine enough about how that glossy sheen is what really makes the pinstripe look cheap and nasty in the other fabric? This is linen. Matte and with a fairly rough, textured weave. Ok, the wide stripes may look a bit questionable none the less, but the narrow ones...
Which brings me to my third point: the narrow stripes are actually so close together that it doesn't look like 'cliche pinstripe' anymore. I will make a shirt for E out of this. He already saw it and thinks it would work (E seems to be getting more adventurous in the way he dresses, now that he's over thirty. Especially when it comes to colour. Just don't say I said that...)
Ok, reason number four: I've had the most amazing suggestions on what to do with pinstripe fabric. Too many for what I had. And some of them needed a fabric with a different hand. Like these ones. These will drape quite differently when cut on the bias, for example. Unlike my original pinstripe fabric.

And, finally, closely connected to the previous, I sometimes stumble across such great things as this on the wild, wide waves of the internet (this comes from the website of a vintage pattern seller, but I forgot which one. If you know, just leave a comment and I'll give it proper credit). Now, be honest, don't you think that would rock in mob-tastic pinstripe linen?


  1. I'm totally digging the NEW pinstripe fabric for all the same reasons you are and I KNOW you would rock the HELL out of that dress at the bottom. It will be genius.

    BTW: I will never shame you for your fabric needs. You got a great deal! Who am I to judge? You keep making gorgeous things, so it all gets used. Eventually. :)

  2. Please, please make up this pattern in the pinstripe. I am dying to see it.

  3. Yes! And in linen. It will look totally contemporary but with a vintage air that way, I think. COngratulations on a great find!

  4. This will be neat in pinstripe! But I would use the linen one. I think you need something with some drape for this design, because otherwise the sleeves will stick out, and so will the skirt side seams (for the stripes to be like the illustration, the flare will have to be all on the side and not distributed round the skirt). Unless that is the look you want of course! The way the belt buttons into the side buttoning is a v cute detail.

  5. Very nice fabric... and what a bargain. I wish I could find those where I live or online...Where do you manage to find such bargains?

  6. That's what dreams are made of!

  7. Very nice fabrics and I can't wait to see what your brain will cook up for those stripes!