July 7, 2010

Problem solved

Remember this dress? I made it last month (and blogged about it here), but it suffered from 'bias hang', by which I mean that the skirt stretched out in those places where it, being a full circle, happened to be on the bias.
Yesterday, I fixed it.
After having let it hang for over a week, I unpicked the hem (which I had serged pressed to the inside and stitched down narrowly), marked a new hem, the length of the shortest straight grain seams, serged along that line and sewed it down again. I'm much happier with it now.
Of course, I had already worn the dress to a friend's party, where nobody noticed anything wrong with it, and received some nice complements for it... However, I just knew the skirt-issue would put me off whenever I'd consider wearing it. I'll consider it lesson learnt.


  1. really nice blog about something you are passionate about. I'm your newest follower

  2. Perfect solution. The dress hangs beautifully.

  3. It's lovely! It does hang differently after you let it hang for a period of time. I just hate the waiting! :)