July 15, 2010

A quick hot-weather top

I'm mostly working on my Burdastyle coat this week. Sewing wool, while trying trying to stay cool on home-made ice tea. It's almost finished now, but, obviously, I can't show it yet. I have to say, I had some doubts about the muslin, but I like the end result way better. I think it turned out well and I would wear it. Or make it if it was in a book I had bought.

This is just a small thing I made as well (hey, I didn't need my serger for the coat...). A halter top with a draped cowl neckline. I used the pattern of the orange drape-neck top as a starting point. I made the neckline a lot less deep, cut away the front shoulders and quite a bit of the back and just kept tweaking the side seams until the fit was right. I used a seam stabilizer with a thin cord in it on those side and back edges to keep them from stretching and gaping and that worked rather well. No indecent exposure so far.
I like these cowl-neck patterns. 'Normal' ones have a straight center front line, usually cut on the fold, these have the width for the drape added to the front by curving it outwards. Hence the center front seam. Fabric use it about the same (although you need more length and less width), you can make a high back neckline cut in one with the cowl (here used to make the back of the halter) and, quite importantly, you've got more control over the placement and the amount of drape throughout the garment. As long as you don't mind about having a center front seam.

Oh, and by the way, could anyone tell me whether or not word-verification is active for the comments on my blog? The set-up says it is, but I've been getting a lot of Chinese (?) spam lately. Quite annoying.


  1. Fabulous top! You are so prolific with your sewing! I've lost my talent. Depressed.

    I'm also getting a tonne of Chinese spam. Yes, your word verification is working.

  2. This is SO totally adorable. You're gorgeous!

    Your word verification is still working, btw.

  3. Very cute! I'm loving the cowl! Now you've sparked some ideas in my head...oh no.

  4. Very nice top! And the word verification was working here for me too...