July 24, 2010

Those stripes again

After the disappointment with the pinstripe linen dress, I still had substantial bits of fabric left over. I originally bought 3 m of each and used just under 1.5 m each on the dress.
I made these trousers using mostly the wide stripes. If you're interested: this was one of my original ideas for the other pinstripe fabric, blogged about here.
(please don't pay attention to the look on my face in this picture, I must have been blinking when I took it, and this time, I didn't take enough other ones)

I'm happy with the trousers. The fit is good and they incorporate some of my geeky patternmaking pet-likes... Look:

No sideseam for most of the leg. And one continuous curve along back yoke and front pocket.
No center back seam on the smoothly curved yoke. And no waistband.

And to make that all work, an extended fly flap which buttons on the inside of the waist facing.
Yes! I love making patterns they just wouldn't sell (for this one, the reason would be fabric use: for my size and using a 1.5 m wide fabric, the leg part can only just be cut from folded fabric)


  1. You are so talented!!! I love to visit your blog! Everythig ou make is a masterpiece!!!

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  3. Love seeing how you work things out, well done.

  4. Those are some awesome pants. If I ever get brave enough to sew pants, that's what I'm aiming for! I love the curved part in the back!