October 8, 2010

Employing Mary

Mary still doesn't have a foot. I haven't had much opportunity to hunt one down and, unfortunately, using the foot of my regular dummy is not an option. To stay in place, it uses a mechanism that's inside the dummy, not on the foot. Mary is stuffed with newspaper and has a cardboard bottom. She will need a foot she can just stand on.

That said, something suddenly occured to me yesterday: if I want to work on a top, I could just put her on the table...

Which is just what I did.
I'm playing around with a big silk shirt which proved to be a rather unwilling candidate for refashion so far. Mostly because of its two breast pockets which rendered to front of the shirt pretty much useless.

After taking this picture, I've taken the shirt off and ironed it. Then, I put it back on Mary, this time making sure that it was on straight. I very carefully pinned the pleats, making them neater. I plan on basting them next. After that, I'll make the back. There is a plan for it.

In the picture, I've been playing around with white tape and a bit of Mary-fabric to try and determine a proper line for the armhole. It seems tempting to keep the shoulder width and call it a cap sleeve, but, unlike Mary, I need to be able to move my arms forward. I'm still contemplating sleeve options. I won't have a lot of of material left for it, so it will have to be a short sleeve at most. Any suggestions?


  1. I have been wanting to make a dressform for long now, infact got polyfill and duct tape and the works, but unable to get appointment of 2 assistants to do the job of moulding it on me.... my hubby and sister ... they are probably the busiest on planet earth.....

  2. I like the look of the cap sleeve (assuming it can be made practical, or maybe a little flutter sleeve if it works with the style of the shirt? Those pesky front pockets :P

    I have tape purchased for one of these, I just keep finding other things to do. I have no idea for a foot, either (I was planning to make mine with a hanger inside)