October 24, 2010

Tetris jacket status report

Here's Mary showing my progress so far. Next order of business: that collar. Or the sleeves. And then the lining.

don't know whether I'll get much more done this weekend. The fabric market (held twice a year at several locations in the Netherlands, I'll write a little report when I'm back) is in town today and miss R is coming to pick up her suit. So, I will also have to put labels into her things, iron them one last time and clean up my sewing room just a bit...


  1. Wow, this is looking great! I've never sewn leather and am a bit intimidated. Do you have any hints for a beginner? Do you use a standard domestic machine?

    Looking forward to seeing your progress on the jacket.

  2. The jacket is really coming together--it looks lovely!

    Rose in SV

  3. I love the way the curved seams look so neat and efficient! A really great aesthetic.

  4. Lauriana, this is going to be magnificent!! What needle do you use when sewing leather? Would a denim needle be alright?

  5. That's AMAZING! I'd expect no less from you. :)
    I'd love some tips on sewing leather, too. I've got enough scraps for a cute bag…

  6. I'm madly in love with your blog. I have a "fashion blog" but I'm trying to post more about sewing and fashion design so this blog is a huge inspiration for me.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work