October 14, 2010

Finally finished

I really wanted to make the drape-neck top tutorial today. Really. But it's too dark to take pictures now. And today was the only day I had this week to work on this: miss R's suit.
The jacket doesn't look good on the dummy but that's because R's bust height is quite different from the dummy's.
Also in this picture: the disheveled state of my sewing room. I usually clean up after each project...

It's a long story. Over a year ago, I asked my friend, miss R, if she would let me make her a suit. As her figure is radically different from mine, I thought it would be a fun challenge. And I had the sneaking suspicion I might be able to make her look better than she does in RTW clothes.

How vain of me...

It was the start of a very long journey.
I drafted slopers. Sewed them up in muslin. Fitted them. Discussed the design (jacket, waistcoat , trousers and a dress, originally). Got a bit frustrated with her desire for a 'normal' look. Drafted patterns for the actual garments. Made muslins. Fitted them. Discussed the final design....
All of this not at all helped by the fact that R is a very busy lady. Who was working hard to get into shape at the same time. And succeeding.
Eventually, we went fabric shopping in May (dress was postponed indefinately at this stage). Fabric bought (she bought it, let's be clear about that), I sewed up the suit as far as I could without doing anything irreversable. (so: no pockets, no waistband on the trousers etc.). Then, I waited until she could come over for a final fitting.
At which I found out I had to take everything in even more.
By then, I had almost lost faith in the entire project. So it was a good thing she 'reminded' me of it a little over a week ago: I just had to get this done.

Today was the final push. Almost. I still need black grommets and a ribbon for the back of the waistcoat. And we'll pin the hem on the trousers when she puts them on with her 'work shoes'.
I'm glad it's done but I can't enjoy it yet. She has to come over and try it all on now. I fear she might have lost weight again. Or will be just too used to having clothes tight is some places (inevitable in RTW if you're not 'standard' shape, whatever that may be). I keep my fingers crossed...

Oh, and I will make that tutorial on Saturday.


  1. Great achievement! looks very nice. It was a major project so you must be really glad it's finally done.

  2. wish I lived near you, so that you could make me a suit (I'd pay big time!)

  3. You are a very, very, VERY good friend. That's a lot of time away from sewing for yourself to do that for a friend. I am too selfish with my sewing time, but admire your stick-to-it-iveness!

    Can't wait for the draped top tute. I'm seriously digging cowls and drapes these days!

  4. Impressive, eager to see the final results. Miss R is very lucky!