April 9, 2011

Marion, September 1961

Today, I will show you some pictures from the (in my humble opinion) best of the 'Marion' magazines my aunt found for me: the issue for September of 1961. (the upper right corner of the cover is the only part of the magazine that's damaged/missing, so that's why she's giving you such a weird look)

This really is 'Mad men'-era stuff, people. Lots of adorable dresses which I'd wear in a heartbeat.

They are shown both in photographs,

and in drawings.

And then, there are suits

and coats.

And not just for women, there are also children's patterns.

Now, of course this little magazine doesn't contain the patterns for all of these gorgeous clothes. Most of the pictures merely advertise patterns you could order but they've included the patterns for a selection of clothes. One in each size on their sizing table. Other sizes were avaible by mail order as well (I think this explains why, in most of these magazines, the pattern sheet was still stapled in).
After some searching, I found the sizing table, and then the pattern included in my size.

It's this one.
It seems that according to Marion anno 1961, I'm a size 36, but that size is listed as being for 'girls between 14 and 16 years of age'...
I don't think I believe that people used to be smaller/thinner anymore.
Of course, despite the fact that it's shown on a pre-teen looking model, this is an adorable dress, and I may just try and make it anyway.


  1. I have a box full of patterns and magazines that belonged to my grandmother and they are just like the pictures you've shared here. I really love looking at them, they're just beautiful and I find them so inspiring. Thank you for sharing yours :)

  2. So nifty! Interesting about the sizing. Though I'd say by the time I was sixteen I was within a half inch of height and five pounds of weight of where I am now... And this way you may not need an SBA ;)

  3. I have just received 10 'Marion' magazines that I found on Etsy. I was so disappointed that most of all the dresses were nowhere to be seen on the pattern sheet! The ones that were, were by far the less impressive.

    The dress in your size is cute, the style is not pre-teen in any way, though it seems very roomy, so for a slim person it may overwhelm!