April 19, 2011

Vintage finds!

As you may have noticed, I'm not someone who searches the internet for wonderful vintage clothing from around the world (I admit I might be, if given the budget for it...) And I take care not to visit the local high-end vintage stores very often but I can't resist looking through what's on offer at cheaper out
lets. Especially when I'm passing them anyway.

There are three stalls at my local market which sell second hand clothes. At low prices. As usual for this kind of outlet, they sell the good, the bad and the ugly and anything in between. I have bought lots of gloves there. And a couple of handbags. And a few scarves and silk blouses (some to wear and some to refashion). Oh, and two coats. And a dress. And some hats.
Ok, maybe it's time to admit I'm addicted...

However, last week when I was there, they had this 1970's jumpsuit for sale. For 5 euros. Although it's 100% polyesther, I thought it was fun. And I though it would be sort of my size so I bought it.

If I am to wear this, it needs to be taken in. Mostly in the sideseams at the bust and waist, a little at the hip. And those princess seam at the bust will also need some tweaking. Although the white part is lined, I think it's do-able.
I sort of like this thing on me, but I may also decide to pass it on a friend who's a little bit bigger.

Then this week, they had this on the stall.

I thought this one had gotten away from me... They'd had it there before but I didn't buy it then because of the price. Now I bought it at 15 euros. Still the most I've ever spend there, but hey, this is a genuine 1950's dress. In almost my size.

Full circle skirt in flock printed organza, with a layer of tule and a lining underneath. Bodice decorated with tule ruffles... A party dress.
The size is a bit puzzling. The seller labeled it as 'XS' and the original tag says '40' (that's size-inflation for you...). On me, it's a little bit too big (about 3 cm in all) at the chest and more so (about 6 cm) at the waist. This is strange because I know I'm flat-chested and 50's fashion is known for its smalls waists. My guess is that, despite it's '40' size tag, this dress was ment for teenage girls and, for that reason, not drafted to suit the bust of a grown woman.

As a result, it looks nice on me when worn with a belt.

It's not very comfortable though. The waist seam has been serged which allows you to feel the prickly ends of the tule.
The shoulder straps are the right length for me but at the inside of the dress, there are obvious signs that they've been shortened.

It has four boning channels to give stability to the bodice but three of the bones are missing. All those stiff synthetic fabrics seem to do their job quite nicely without them though.
And of course, it has a metal zipper. They don't make them as fine as this one anymore.

Because of its finishing, I don't think this was ever an expensive dress, but now, it's a rare surviver so I'm happy to have it.


  1. What great finds! The all-in-one will be very wear-able I reckon once you've taken it in, and the blue dress is adorable on you :)

  2. Those are both awesome finds! I can definitely see you wearing the jumpsuit if you can tweak the fit, and who could pass up that blue dress? Good work! ;)

  3. Fabulous finds at fantastic prices! I can totally see why you're hooked!

  4. What great treasures - I LOVE the way that jumpsuit looks on you!

  5. Both are great finds! That blue dress is especially fun and you'll hopefully find a way to wear it comfortably. Maybe just lining the bodice after you alter it would be enough?

  6. I love the all in one. It looks like a good fit now.