April 17, 2011

A new season, a new shape

Spring has made a quite convincing start here in the Netherlands. For the past couple of weeks, we've enjoyed sunny and dry weather, unusually warm for this time of the year.
For that reason, sewing black wool trousers to match my jacket didn't seem so relevant anymore. I'm already dreaming about a whole new line-up of summer frocks...
However, it is important to consider more practical wardrobe requirements. Not all skirts and dresses would work for either of my jobs (teaching and fitting wedding dresses). So, despite my students' appreciation for my black wrap dress, I think I should control the number of big-skirted 50's inspired dresses I make. And put
some thought into trouser-based outfits.

The point is, in colder weather I've been perfectly happy wearing trousers with simple top covered by interesting cardigans or jackets. Now that it's warm enough to loose the cardigan or jacket, my selection of tops is looking a bit drab and boring to me. Too much black and not enough nice shapes. In fact, it seems like all my basic tops are fitted t-shirts (apart from last year's free form experiment tops, which I still like).
It was time to try something new. The matter needed some thought. You see, I always think (and am usually proven right) that a lot of popular shapes won't work for me. Cup-size A is something to keep in mind when picking tops...

This is a very easy top. Literally a T-shape, with cut-on sleeves. I wanted to try colour-blocking and I love the coral red which works surprisingly well with my skin tone/hair colour. Because I was making a sort of yoke for the colour blocking, I wanted to eliminate the shoulder seam. To do that, I made a V-shape on one side of the upper piece. One side, not front or back. I did the, for me, most unusual thing with this top. Both sides of it are completely flat. No shaping at all, no difference between front and back, making it reversible.
I like the look of the top when it's worn tucked in a high waisted pencil skirt, like in these pictures.

Although I think I can also wear it hanging loose, and paired with trousers. I wanted to make a hip-band at the bottom, but didn't because I thought that would show when the top was tucked in. I may do that on another version though.

I think the V-neck at the front makes the whole thing look rather sporty. Maybe a little too much so to be worn with trousers. Fortunately, these are not your average football-jersey colours...

All in all, I'm fairly happy with this top. It's so easy to make and offers so many options for combining colours that I may have to be careful not to overflow my wardrobe with this relaxed new shape...


  1. It looks good! I've been inspired by relaxed new shapes recently too, and made a colourblock top as well. Mine is not reversible, as the neck is lower at the front and too high at the back to be comfortable to be worn back to front. But I like your idea of the V neck one side and crew neck the other. That would work beautifully both ways. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Oooh, I love it! I think you actually always manage to come up with pieces that work exceptionally well with your figure! And although I'm shaped quite differently (everything on you is long, everything on me is short) I would like to know if this is a pattern you made up yourself? I would be interested in it...

  3. Love the duplicity of this cute top! I'm a huge fan of reversible fashion, especially with my travel wardrobe. Great use of colourblocking, too. Cool!

  4. Absolutely lovely - and the geek in me loves that there are no shoulder seams! Interestingly, Burda have just released a similar, long-sleeved pattern in their April issue, but I like your short sleeved version much better, and I think the V is a far better neckline.