April 6, 2011

A 'new' bag

I made a 'new' leather bag. In fact, the bag is new enough but I made it from about half of an old leather motorcycling jacket. I already used the other half for a bag for my father. I just added a sturdy zipper, rivets, D-rings and a lining.

I used the welt pocket from the jacket's front for the front of the bag...

and unpicked the elastic at the back in order to have enough material for the new back.

And I made the lining out of some yellow cotton.

The shape of this bag is really easy, you only have to consider the order in which you put it together. Including a zipper and a lining means you have to plan ahead. However, this leather is really thick and quite stiff. I couldn't have done it with a lesser sewing machine...

It's quite a tough looking bag so it will be interesting to see how well it works with my usual 'look'. Although I usually pick my bags for practical purposes rather than for style.


  1. do you sew this by hand or using a regular sewing machine? you do such a good job with leather.

  2. I use a sewing machine but in strength, mine is between a regular sewing machine and an industrial one. I think this leather is about the thickest it can take.

  3. What a great bag!

    I've sewn through two layers of fairly heavy suede with my Kenmore, but I doubt it could take more than that.

  4. An excellent bag and the top notch re-purposing!

    If you do find that it's too tough for your look, I'd be (among many others) happy to give it a new home.

  5. That's one FANTASTIC rehab! Wishing my machine could sew thick leather.... or make dependable buttonholes. LOL Super bag, tho, Lauriana. I think the contrast between your more classic style and the toughness of the bag would be fabulous!

  6. Wow, I love it. I agree with Darci. It will look great with your style. I have been saving a black leather bomber style jacket from the 90's for something just like that. You've inspired me. I love how you incorporated the pocket.

  7. Clever re-cycle ing (pardon my woeful pun!)