February 16, 2012

59 years ago today...

59 years ago, you might be flipping through this issue of Marion, and considering what to make.
This is the Februari issue from 1953. I'm not sure when this whole business of sending each month's magazine two week into previous month began, so I'm just assuming you would not yet have received the March issue by 16 Februari 1953...

Well, what does the world of fashion as translated by Marion bring this month?
The bouffant sleeves of the cover design are really only featured in that one blouse.
In patterns which come with the magazine, two-pieces with vest-like points on the tops/jackets are a big hit.

Slim skirts and gored A-line numbers still rule. And that short trench coat would not look out of place in 2012 (who would have thought that, when this magazine came of the printing press...)

Of course, there are lots more great patterns you can buy...

Even more interesting details with buttons, flaps and tucks...

Pockets galore...

Stripes and checks and patterns designed to work with them. How cool are those raglan/kimono crossbreed sleeves (counting from the left, they are on the second and on the last dress in the row)?

Like just about all of those I bought from 1952/1953, this issue of Marion appears to be completely untouched. How anyone could resist trying to make at least one of these charming things, I don't know. However, for all of these, things are about to change...


  1. It's really fun looking at designs from decades ago. Hmmm..... maybe I could use some of the details today.

    1. That's what I love about these. There are so many clever details which could easily be incorporated into any other design. In this issue, I love all those different approaches to pockets in dresses and I really like the asymmetrical buttons on the slim dress on the second spread.

  2. I really like those sleeves you pointed out. Never seen a pattern like that before.

  3. O I Loooooove bishop sleeves :) made some too and got the pattern on my bloggelog!

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