February 21, 2012

Tangerine Tango?

Last month, Peter wrote a series of posts about the weird world of forecasting and whether or not that effects us who make our own clothes. From that first post, I learned that the trend-colour for this spring was Tangerine Tango (I have in fact seen this colour appear in displays in shop windows since).

Now, it just so happened that I scored 4 meters of this fabric on, again, sale for 1 or 0.50 euro a meter back in, about, October. I had first planned to use some of it for my draft-along dress, but we all remember what became of that... (hangs head in shame...). By the time I read the colour forecast post I wanted to make a circle skirt from it, preferable with flap pockets.
Last week, I finally made something from it.

A high waisted A-line skirt. It's a bit shorter than most of my skirts, it's lined and has these nice curved patch pockets without topstitching.

Here's a close-up of those pockets. You have to apply them before sewing the side seam and I really like their clean look.

Well, I really like the skirt and like this, I have to say I love this colour. It doesn't even have to be worn with black. I would like it with brown, olive green and various blues and greys. Oh, and (cream) white.
I'm not sure this actually is Tangerine Tango and the weight of my fabric is more for autumn and winter but I am sure I still have more than 3 meters of it and it makes me smile...


  1. As ever you produced something stylish and different! That silhouette really suits you.

  2. Love the skirt! The shape is wonderful and the length suits you too. But most of all I love the colour, whether it is in fashion or not. great work.

  3. Love the skirt and the nice and unique pocket design. Great color too..so lucky to get all those offers on fabric...yet again I would end up buying soo much :o

  4. What a great design! I love everything about this skirt!

  5. Love this skirt. It's super stylish and teh color is great, also love the pockets.

  6. Love the cut and color of your skirt and it is well crafted. I can't tell if the pockets are top stitched on. You said they were patch pockets. Either way they are amazingly nice.