February 10, 2012

No, I don't need more fabric

... but that doesn't mean I can resist a good deal when I find one.
Last weekend, I braved the snow and freezing temperatures and walked (I usually cycle, but that was not an option because of the weather) to the local market. Obviously, I went there to buy fruit and vegetables for the coming week, but just as obviously I couldn't not look at what the fabric stalls had on offer.
And my favorite one was having a sale on colourful wool fabrics. No big bolts, mostly bits towards the end of rolls, 2 or 3 meters a piece, at 1.50 euro a meter... leftovers from a suit workshop.

I think I've been pretty good by buying just three pieces of it. In fact, I couldn't really carry more and have been thinking about going back for more coming Saturday...
I've got three meters of the plaid (which may become a dress from a 50's Marion), two meters of the blue, which is a rather thick fabric (I'm thinking warm winter trousers. It's think enough for a light-ish coat but I like the colour for bottoms) and 1.2 meters (all that was left on the bolt) of the copper brown which is a fairly light wool crepe (I think that wants to become a blouse from Marion, to be worn with those trousers)

P.S. Thank you all for your nice comments on my culottes! In fact, although I did draft my own pattern, this is an easy one, so I'll try and make a tutorial for it this weekend.
P.S.2 I've just finished the curve collar shirt, so as soon as I've been able to take pictures of the finished product (over the weekend as well, I suppose), there will be a construction-and-result post of that as well.


  1. You really would be crazy to pass up euro 1.50 per metre even if you had a room full! ! The fabric looks great.

  2. 1.50 euros per metre - I would have bought everything they had!

  3. The market is my downfall too, especially as I like the woman with the good fabric and almost always stop to have a chat with her. We've got to support the few local textile sources remaining, right? And we have to buy good vegetables, right :-)?

  4. These fabrics look lovely, and go so well together.... I think you were right to be tempted! And those prices are pretty difficult to walk past, I'm sure ;)