February 24, 2012

Guess the decade

I've never done a post like this before, but I usually love them at other blogs (most notably at Couture Allure).
This week I bought this book:

That is 'Fashion Photography' in Dutch. It's basically one of those 'fashion photography through the ages collections' (I was going to write 'through the decades' but it actually starts before 1900. Other than that, it is pretty much all of the 20th century).
Although it misses some of the usual suspects (in fact, it misses pictures of creations from the biggest names altogether), like Dovima wearing Dior's 'Bar' suit, it includes other, lesser known and equally fascinating pieces of fashion history. Some of which are interesting and might be difficult to date without the strict 'by the decade' order of the book and the information with each picture.
Case in point:
Can you tell me from which decade this picture comes (apologies for the crease down the middle. it's a thick book)? I'll reveal the answer on Monday. Winners get the right to boast about their superior knowledge of fashion ;)


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  2. 30's and .I love Pajamas. If you like them too Here is a blog devoted to them : http://lamodepyjama.blogspot.com/

  3. At first glance the flares and the headband of the woman on the left say SEVENTIES, but I reckon the hair belies this. Thirties.

  4. I'd guess 30s. Braless and fun are what I think of in the 30s ;-)

    I guess this is their version of exercise wear, not a bit like Lulu Lemon today...

  5. Those pants do make one think of the 70s (and those polkadots!), but I agree with the others, the hair does seem 30s-ish. Sounds like a perfectly fascinating book! :)