June 1, 2014

A simple thing

All my sewing/crafting time this past week was spent on this rather modest project: It's an infinity scarf.

It took that long because I kind of made the fabric. Rather than using jersey, I knitted using the full width of my knitting machine and some of the very thin yarns in my stash. Because I bought some cones of yarn before I really knew anything about machine knitting, I've got quite a few of this super thin stuff. I made a loop scarf before, sewing three strands together which worked well. This time, I decided to try and see if it was even possible to knit properly with a single strand (I've been kind of worried those cones were actually some kind of weaving thread).
As it turns out, it is possible to knit this stuff although I would like the knitting to be a bit more dense and stable for clothing. For a scarf, this loosely knitted 'fabric' is just fine.

My decision to try the thin yarn allowed me to knit with some of the brightest colours in my yarn stash. I'm quite happy with the combination of the turquoise and red. 
Even with the speed of machine knitting (and no shaping to worry about), it took me a while finish this thing. There are 1320 rows of knitting in that scarf...

Soon, I'll be back to sewing and to experimenting with knitting cables.

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