June 19, 2014

Vintage sweater in progress

I've finished knitting the pieces for this sweater from my new vintage patterns. It's sleeveless so the main pieces are simple enough: just front and back. And I've finally mastered the trick for making a scooped neckline on the knitting machine, so that went well. It was interesting to find out that this top is knitted with a bust dart. I've never seen that in a knitting pattern before (not that I'm an expert on knitting patterns, of course).
What surprised me is the number of detail and finishing pieces. I expected a collar piece, but facings?

Have you ever seen a knitting pattern with facings? 

The original pattern is described for grey and white yarn, with the white used for the facings, one side of the bow (which is also a double layer) and inside collar. I chose this mixed, sand coloured yarn because it was the only thing in my stash that seemed to have the right gauge. I used the ocher to set up for the bottom edges and I really liked how the two colours looked together. So, even though yellow is not a good colour for me, I decided to use it for the 'white' pieces.
For the sleeve bands, you were supposed to pick up stitches but I couldn't make that work. This is a pattern for a thin yarn, so the stitches are close together. And the needles on a knitting machine are in a fixed position. Picking up those stitches at the armholes would pull them all out of alignment. So, I knitted separate bands and sewed them on. 

You are actually supposed to have the purl side showing on all the detail pieces but I think I won't do that. 
As you can see, the sleeve bands and facings are on. Now, I only have the collar, bow and sides to go... I hope all the pieces will fit.

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  1. I have never seen a knitting pattern with facings. Seems like it might be lumpy. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.