June 17, 2014

Deja vu

Can you spot the difference?

 This picture was taken today,

This one a little over two years ago. And you can neglect any (small) changes to my hair and glasses.
That was such a great jumpsuit. I've worn it a lot. I always had a slight issue with the fit at the hip/crotch. I had that with all my wide trousers from that era. Although they were a bit wider at the hip, they would still crease badly in that area while worn. Which is a natural thing in more closely fitted trousers but for wide ones, I wanted that effortless, flow-y look. It's not a flaw you've ever seen here because I usually took pictures of new garments when I just put them on for the first time or after ironing. This 'problem' (if you can call it that) only showed up after sitting in the trousers in question. 
It was never so much of an issue that it made me not want to wear this jumpsuit though.

However, when taking it out of my wardrobe for the first time this year, I discovered that I was now at risk of making the buttons pop off when straightening my shoulders. Interesting. There are about 7 cm of bust circumference between now and 2012 but only about 2 of those in the last year. I've worn the jumpsuit last summer so apparently, up to that point, I was just filling up ease.
Now, it really didn't feel right anymore though. And the increased amount of space taken up by my breasts wasn't just horizontal of course. They now made the jumpsuit noticeably  tighter at the crotch. 
Of course, I can't complain about getting the change of my physique which I secretly wanted. However, I wanted my jumpsuit.

So, I re-made it. With some minor changes. Most importantly, I used the trouser shape I made last month for my sailor front jeans. Which, obviously solved all creasing issues. I also cut the front facings separate this time, rather than on the front bodice and trouser pieces. This was mostly a matter fabric economy. And I made a small change to the look of the neckline by applying the collar to a   slightly deeper neckline. This brings the a bit further down on the body. It's a tiny difference and I don't think anyone will notice but I like experimenting with things like that.

Oh, and of course I used the same fabric: a dark/blue black cotton/linen with thin grey/blue stripes. Because it is also the fabric I used for E's favorite summer trousers (three pairs now) and it's so nice to wear and durable, I knew I would want to use this fabric again. So, I bought more (about 4 meters at a time) on three occasions and, early this spring, the last 18 meters left on the bolt. This should keep us in summery wardrobe essentials for years to come.

So, there you have it. My latest new garment: My old favorite jumpsuit, now with more curves!


  1. I can't spot any differences!!! They are fantastic! I made a more slouchy jumpsuit in white ponte recently but now I want what you have! Very cool.

  2. This is such a great piece! I can totally see why you love it :)
    I wish for a jumpsuit for myself, it is just a matter of finding the right pattern!

  3. Lauriana, I've just read about your decision to quit work; I'm so sorry you've been having such stresses at work! When you love sewing as much as you (and I); I'm so sad that your enjoyment is being sucked out of it like this. I'm thinking got you and I certainly hope you find something more rewarding to do soon, and that you keep on enjoying sewing as your hobby. (hugs)

    1. oh, and of course I love this wide-legged look on you! so elegant and graceful. I think your jumpsuit looks a lot lovelier that any of the examples of current fashion on the streets, that you showed us in a previous post.