July 20, 2015

A bit more detail

Maybe it would it nice to have a closer look at some of those dresses from Vogue

At these in particular. Photographs of actual dresses worn by real women. Those ladies are probably models but it still gives a better idea of what these styles actually looks like than all those charming drawings... And these particular designs come with descriptions.

Confirming modes that are and hinting of modes that will be, come four gowns from Paris

A cluster of gay pink roses affords a charming foil to the dull blue of an organdy frock girdled dull blue ribbon, and a rose-toned taffeta hat brimmed with prim little roses carries out the pretty color scheme. To make this becoming frock more becoming a white lace vest is inset.

The vogue for sheer material for autumn is forecast in the costume here, from Boue. It is made of silk mousseline and taffeta in a dark shade of brown which promises to be smart. The long sleeves, high neck, taffeta hem and bow give the gown substance.

In these pictures may be seen the back and front views of a hand-embroidered white silk mousseline frock sponsored by Maurice Mayer and boasting distinctly novel features in the double collar, the odd sleeve ruffles and the corded skirt opening over a profusely ruffled underskirt. 

Possessed of the indefinable quality of effectiveness is a Rondeau model of black Chantilly lace over black taffeta, which is girdled with Nattier blue satin. High neck and long sleeves make the gown very smart and the gold strings dropping at the side provide a telling touch.

Lovely aren't they?

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