July 19, 2015

Seen in Vogue

Today, I have some images for you from an issue of American Vogue from a hundred years ago.

 The issue from 15 July 1915, to be precise (the magazine appeared two times per month back then). I just love that colourfully illustrated cover...

One thing which stood out was how much focus there was on French fashion, despite the war. 

This article makes that very clear: "Paris with one eye on fashion". With a photograph of hospital soldiers and Red Cross dogs sharing a page with the latest fashion in swimwear...

The rest of it is normal fashion news though. 

Then there was this announcement: 

as well as a short article about the atelier of Jeanne Lanvin,

some attention for high-quality French linen,

and dresses from various Parisian designers.


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  1. That was fun looking through the Vogues from a hundred years ago. Thanks for sharing!