July 30, 2015

Sporty stuff - finished

This is the finished article! 

It's blue, it has a metal zipper with silver coloured teeth and red zipper tape, kangaroo pockets and the type of collar you make from just a rectangular piece of fabric (it's not a hoody. Hoods can look very nice but between my glasses and my long hair, they've never been very practical for me). And it doesn't have topstitching. I love to be able to avoid topstitching...

I drafted it based on my normal knit sloper (not a negative ease one).

This is how I was planning to wear it: With my climbing stuff. You know I don't wear leggings in normal life ;)
I think it really looks the part.

In fact, I liked the look of this jacket/sweater thing so much, I couldn't resist trying it with something a lot less sporty:

I'll tell you more about the skirt tomorrow but I actually rather like the look of the sweater with a great big skirt kicking out from under it...

P.S. If the climbing hall in yesterday's pictures looked impressive, bear in mind what I wrote about there being no real rocks to climb in this country. Here, climbing halls are not just a bad weather refuge and a place to get started if you're a real novice. They are the places where most enthousiasts do most of their climbing so they have to be high and elaborate to accommodate that.  

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