July 28, 2015

Sporty stuff

You may have noticed, based on what appears on this blog, but I don't have a particularly sporty style. I am convinced that there is only sporty clothes one circumstance under which to wear sports clothes: When practicing sports. And I will allow for traveling to and from the venue where that is done and even for the running of necessary errands on the same trip, but that's it.
So, I've never been very interested in making sports clothes. And yet, now, I'm making this:

A plain and simple sporty cardigan/sweater thing. Made from the left-over fabric from my big 1950's robe. It's not extremely sporty, you could wear this as a normal casual garment but that's not really my style. No, there is a specific reason why I am making this. This one:

And a bit of this (pictures are from the website of "De Klimmuur", the climbing halls I go to):

I've been rock climbing occasionally for years but since about April of this year, E and I are seriously trying to get better at it. Because the Netherlands are an almost completely flat country without any rocks to speak of, all climbing here tends to be on man-made structures. (The closest real rocks to climb are in the next country, in the Ardennes in Belgium. We've been there once but we are still training to build up the skills to climb outside, on our own). 
I'm now climbing or bouldering (which is climbing short routes for which you don't need a safety rope. second picture) two or three times a week. So I need sports clothes. I have more or less enough clothes to climb in (although I may try and make a couple of tops) but I need a cardigan/sweater thing. To put on on my way home on colder summer days or, when the weather really cools down again, to wear at the climbing hall (some climbing halls are unheated) when I'm not climbing (when climbing, you alternate between climbing and belaying. You obviously have to pay attention when you are the person on the ground holding the safety rope but it's not really hard work so you can cool down quite a bit). 
So, that's what I'm making now.

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  1. That is the coolest climbing wall I've seen. I'm also thinking sports clothes, but I am going to try making a romper out of thin athletic jersey to try to cut on some of the bulk of packing sports gear. I hope the hoodie sews up quickly and is fun to make.