July 1, 2010

The secret is out!

I've been really good at not revealing anything about this for the past months... But now, after the announcement has been made, I'm happy to reveal that I'll be making a coat for the up-and-coming Burdastyle book!
And if the posts popping up all over the blogosphere are anything to go by, I'll be joined by several of my favorite seamstresses in this exciting project.

I just received the pattern, and got all of the supplies last week, so I'm really looking forward to things to come. Note to self: Must remember to document each and every step in the process...


  1. Wow cool! Congrats! Looking forward to your coat. You are such a talented sewer I'm sure it will be fantastic.

  2. Yay! That's so cool and you're in fantastic company. Can't wait to get my paws on it!

  3. Yaaaaaaahhhyyy! Congratulations!
    I look forward to all the details.
    :)Deb M.

  4. I'm making the coat for the book too! Looking forward to seeing more about your variation.

  5. i'm playing too! i've got to do a post about it. so excited to see what you come up with...

  6. Ooh, fun, congratulations! I'm beginning to wonder though, how many coats will there be? I'm making one too!
    Can't wait to see the book and what all the other contributors have come up with, it's so exciting!